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custom made shirts near me nycAre you looking for custom made shirts near NYC? If so, the Suit Club custom tailors dress shirts for as low at just $65. Select from our Standard, Premium, and Platinum custom made shirts. We also offer package deals, such as Madison, Park, and 5th Ave, where you can get multiple custom-made shirts and save lots of money. Choose from Egyptian Cotton, Pinpoint Oxford, Sea Island Cotton, Cotton TWill, and French Oxford. At the Suit Club, we use only the finest materials in the world for our garments. Also, when you shop at the Suit Club for your custom-made shirts, you will be able to choose the best fit for you, such as Classic fit, Slim fit, and Ultra Slim fit. Either bookmark our homepage or Google "Custom made shirts near me NYC," and click on the "Suit Club NYC" link.

Custom Made or Off the Rack Shirts?

In a vain attempt to save a few dollars, a lot of men will elect to bu off the rack dress shirts. However, there are many reasons why you should choose custom-made shirts over off the rack shirts. First, when you buy off the rack dress shirts, you have to be aware of the fact that manufacturers are trying to serve as many customers as possible with only a handful of sizes. Off the rack shirts would work much better if all men had cookie cutter physiques. Unfortunately for these manufacturers, every male has a different physique.

Another problem with off the rack shirts is that they only give you two measurements-neck size and sleeve length. Off the rack dress shirts don't take into account the chest or midsection size of their dress shirts. Taller men often experience frustration because when they finally find an off the rack dress shirt that has the right neck size and sleeve length, there's always too much fabric in the midsection. Contrarily, the Suit Club will specify neck size, sleeve length, chest size, midsection size, and even wrist size. We'll even take into consideration if you wear a watch or undershirts. This is just another reason why the Suit Club is the best place to go if you're looking for custom made shirts near NYC.

Indeed, for custom-made shirts in NYC, there's no alternative to the Suit Club. Conveniently, we only need to take your measurements once. Once we have your measurements, we'll keep them on file permanently. You can do your measurements yourself, but we advise you don't. You'll get better and more accurate results when you let a professional take your measures.

Save More Money with Custom Made Shirts?

Another overlooked benefit of buying custom-made shirts over off the rack shirts is that made to measure will be more cost-efficient over time than off the rack. How could that be? Yes, you will pay a little bit more up front for your custom shirts. However, when you choose custom made shirts near me nyc, you will get much better utility out of your closet. Let's face it; it's rare to find a shirt an off the rack shirt that fits just right. If you do find a well-fitting off the rack dress shirt, you'll still have to get it tailored. By this point, you've spent just as much money as you would have spent on a custom-made shirt from the Suit Club, assuming you care about proper fit.

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