Custom Mens Suits Nyc

Custom Mens Suits Nyc

Many men use a suit or tuxedo occasionally. When they attend a party, some celebration or an event is when they dress formally. However, other gentlemen must wear suits every day, usually for reasons of their work or career. Lawyers, doctors, businessmen must wear formal attire that represents their status and profession.

In that sense, they must have a series of outfits that allow an excellent appeal. However, many gentlemen find it difficult to define which pieces their wardrobe should contain, so they can dress daily, without repeating outfits and always maintaining their elegance. It is essential to know the keys to build the ideal wardrobe for daily use.

Black is the King

An excellent black suit, classic or modern cut is the starting point of all formal male wardrobe. However, having only a black suit does not do the task, so this first outfit must be accompanied by two other classic colors: navy and dark gray.

The secret of the wardrobe to use daily is to select fabrics and colors nearby. In this way, you can exchange the jacket and pants between the suits, thus achieving new combinations. In this beginning, having three suits with primary colors and matching fabrics, the gentleman already has nine possible combinations of jacket and trousers without repeating.

The Combination Jerseys

This type of jackets is handy to expand the possibilities of the wardrobe. You must select fabric whose fibers are present in the three primary colors described so that you can use it with the three pants of the suits. With a pair of jerseys that meet this condition, the gentleman already has 15 possible combinations, which will allow him to cover half of the month so that he develops his activities very well dressed. To complete the 30 days, start over, or you can build a second set using the same criteria.

The most desirable thing is the use of custom outfits. The significant advantage is that the tailored outfits allow a perfect fit for your body. Also, at the level of prestige, a suit or a jersey made to measure is a sign of distinction and exquisite taste. If you need to acquire custom mens suits in NYC, Suit Club NY offers its more than 50 years of experience providing elegance to America.

Shirts and Ties

Once the suits and their combinations are set, it is time to select the shirts and ties that will accompany the combinations, and that will give that final touch to your appearance. To choose the shirts, you can use a similar criterion, that is, start with the white (which is the king in shirts) and then add a pair of light blue and light gray shirts.

Finally, select a set of about ten ties that you can exchange, to complete your wardrobe. Choose those that represent the status of your career or profession, but at the same time reflect your personality, style, and good taste.

Let the Experts Suit You

Suit Club is a leader in custom tailored menswear, since 1969 we have dressed in elegance to countless lawyers, businessmen, executives and professional athletes. We have the best tailors in the country, with the broadest experience in the manufacture of men's clothing. If you are looking for custom mens suits in NYC, Suit Club is your best option. Book an appointment; we will be happy to assist you.

Custom Mens Suits Nyc
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