Custom Tailor Nyc

Custom Tailor Nyc

You must have heard the benefits of a tailored suit. They are outfits that fit perfectly to your figure and allow you to dress elegantly in clothes made to fit.

Almost all tailors offer to dress you in an exclusive outfit. However, that promise of value may not be entirely accurate. The suit will be made to measure, but will it be a unique design for real?

Tailor-made tailoring has three primary work models, and if you are looking for a custom tailor in NYC, it is essential that you know each of these types of clothing and their differences, so that you choose wisely the supplier of your outfit.

Sua Misura

The Sua Misura experience begins with the choice of fabric. The next thing is to opt for one of the models they offer, generally using a catalog.

Then you will have the freedom to choose details such as the number of buttons for closing, if it is simple or crossed, the types of pocket and flap. You can select all these details from different standardized options that the tailor will offer you.

The Sua Misura service allows you to customize, as you prefer, pieces that have a standard pattern. It is a medium-term between a pret-à-porter that you can buy in a store but customized according to your preferences, and with your body measure.

Made to Measure

The experience begins with the definition of the model and then proceeds to take the measurements to the client. The client can choose the fabric, the colors, the shape of the flap, whether the pocket will be straight or oblique, or whether the eyelets will be open or not.

However, specific details cannot be customized since they are made in a standard and serial way. The most common are the eyelets, the size of the laps, or the pockets. In summary, the final result is a suit made to measure and personalized, but not 100%.


This is the only type of clothing that offers a 100% personalized experience to the client for the preparation of his attire. You can create a unique costume and to your satisfaction. Customers not only choose the fabric, the type of closure, the stitching, the open eyelets and other personalization details, but they can also decide the width and shape of the flaps, the size of the pockets or the height of the neck, between many other features

This represents an essential difference concerning other processes in which a previously made basic pattern is rectified. Also for this type of tailor-made tailoring, the customer will try the suit as many times as necessary before finishing the confection. The result is a unique and unrepeatable model, wholly exclusive and tailored to the customer.

Let Us Dress You up With Exclusivity

Suit Club is the best custom tailor in NYC and works with the bespoke system. This allows us to offer the customer a 100% unique experience, and a completely personalized and exclusive wardrobe. The client in conjunction with our experts will decide the characteristics of your outfit, and you will get an elegant outfit entirely in your style. Book an appointment; we will be happy to assist you.

Custom Tailor Nyc
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