Mens Custom Suits Nyc

Mens Custom Suits Nyc

If you have ever purchased a suit off the rack you know how difficult it can be to get it to fit properly. While off-the-rack suits are inexpensive, they don’t have the upscale appearance of men’s custom suits in NYC. When you purchase a custom suit it fits perfectly and has a special look that you can only get with high quality tailoring.

Men’s Custom Suits in NYC

A custom suit is a special garment that will quickly become your go-to suit for special occasions. You’ll soon find that you need another suit or more to round out your closet. In fact, we offer special suit packages to accommodate your need for multiple suits.  

Men’s custom suits in NYC have a fit and quality look that you won’t find elsewhere. You can create the suit that you prefer by choosing the fabrics and detailing that best fits your needs and budget.

Our men’s custom suits in NYC are affordable. You may be surprised by how comparable in price they are to off-the-rack versions, yet are so much better made. Our premium suits range from $500 to $650 and are made of 100% wool. You can choose from more than 2,000 different wool fabrics. Our luxury suits range from $675 to $950 and are made with some of the leading Italian fabrics. We also offer executive suits with specialty fabrics.

Our package deals are an affordable way to get a selection of top quality men’s custom suits in NYC. The Broadway package includes 2 suits and 6 shirts, our Wall St. package include 3 suits and 10 shirts and our Bowery package includes 4 suits. Whether you are just starting out in the business world or simply need to improve your wardrobe, our suits and shirts are the ideal purchase.

Additional Custom Clothing

In addition to our gorgeous custom suits, we also offer a selection of other custom clothing. Our custom shirts provide you with the best fit you have ever had in a dress shirt. Choose from various materials, shirt styles and collar options to create high quality custom shirts for dress or casual wear.

We have a selection of slacks, sport jackets and tuxedos as well. We are able to tailor your choices to fit your body and lifestyle. There is no better way to look and feel your best than with custom tailored clothing. When you need custom tailoring on any of the items you purchased we will be happy to provide our tailoring services at no additional cost. We will alter your shirt or suit immediately using our professional on-premise tailors.

When you are ready to purchase a custom suit or shirt, visit our website or schedule an appointment. You will have the opportunity to view various style and fabric choices and get expertly measured for your clothing. We guarantee a perfect fit on all of the garments we sell. Contact us today to book an appointment and to learn more about our top quality custom suits and shirts.

Mens Custom Suits Nyc
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