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Five Reasons Why Collectors Love Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe is known for their sleek design, excellent craftsmanship, heritage and quality wristwatches. Devotees/collectors never settle for less than the best and Patek Philippe collectors are not like regular watch collectors they know what they want and they go all out for it.

 Patek Philippe wristwatches aren't that flashy; no reason to be. That's because they are all about elegance and confidence. Once you have a Patek Philippe, nothing else matters.

Below are the 5 reasons collectors love their Patek Philippe:

1.         The Design

The beauty of the Patek's design is all about its movements. Every wristwatch is hand-crafted, and only a true watchmaker can fully appreciate it. Its beauty also can attract even the lay admirer with is unrivaled design as well as faceted batons. It’s hand-polished hands and the little features that make the Patek Philippe stand out can often go unnoticed even by the wearer, and it all add up to what makes the watch feels and looks perfect on the wrist.

2.         The Investment Value

The resale value of a Patek Philippe supersedes all other makers, be it modern or vintage. Watches that were completed and delivered in the last couple of months on their 175th-anniversary collection are currently selling on the secondary market for exceptional prices.

For instance, pieces like the Cloisonné Enamel 5131 earned doubles their retail price at auctions.

 Looking at it from a more historical perspective, in the 1950s, you could have gotten a Calatrava for $400, but today, they can go for more than $20,000.

3.         The Scarcity

Patek Philippe is so scarce you rarely come across them in retail stores. It's believed that since 1839, no fewer than 1 million of them have been made. That's lesser than what some high-end Swiss manufacturers design in a year.

The production of the watch is well-detailed that it takes up to 10 months to produce its most basic watches, and over two years to make some of the more complicated timepieces.

While demands are increasing globally, buyers must submit an application process to show that they are high-caliber collectors of the Patek Philippe.

4.         The Patek Philippe DNA

The craftsmanship, design, and artistry put together in a Patek piece are second to none. The Patek's cases, although may seems simple in their overall look, they are simply the best with machine-execution, mostly at an outside store. Most of their cases are mainly in-house-made and often forged from platinum or solid pieces of gold.

5.         The Archives

Every Patek watch ever made has a traceable extract found at the Patek Philippe archives. It brings in a sort of confidence knowing that you can find out the date of the production and the original date of sale since the creation of every Patek Philippe in 1839.

When you meet someone who has a Patek watch, it's safe to say they have done incredible things with their life. Patek meticulously details the history of its watches, but it doesn't include the names of past owners on its extracts.

 Most celebrities, head-of-state, and members of every royal family are in the archives of Patek Philippe. Some of the most amazing watches around today have never been seen in an auction before, just as it should be. And that is the beauty of the Patek Philippe.


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