At Suit Club, we have the most seasoned and experienced tailors on premises. We provide alteration services on all menswear. If you need adjustments to anything in your wardrobe, bring it into our store at anytime. Our professional tailors will make the necessary alterations to ensure the perfect fit!

Alteration Services

Taper Sides In/Out $50
Taper Sides In/Out + Armholes $65
Lengthen/Shorten Sleeves $35
Narrow Shoulders $80
Loosen/Tighten Waist and Seat $25
Shorten/Lengthen Pants
(no cuffs)
Shorten/Lengthen Pants
(with cuffs)
Taper Full Leg $50
Taper Body $25
Shorten Sleeves $15
Taper Sleeves $20

The Perfect Fit Guaranteed

At Suit Club, we guarantee the perfect fit on all our products. If you need any alterations on anything you purchased from us, our professional tailors will take care of it at no cost to you. Make an appointment for a fitting and we will alter it on premises.