Suits For Men Nyc

Suits For Men Nyc

There is nothing that looks or feels better than a custom-made suit. Call 212-588-8825 while there are many places you can go to purchase a suit off the rack, you may not have shopped for a custom suit. Custom suits are designed to fit you perfectly. They have a luxury appearance that you simply won’t achieve with an off-the-rack suit. Our custom suits for men in NYC are affordable and are available in a wide selection of fabrics.

Custom Suits for Men in NYC

We offer a variety of features in our custom suits for men in NYC. There are three main options when choosing a suit. These include premium, luxury and executive. Our premium suits are the most affordable and include a selection of more than 2,000 wool fabrics including super 110s and 120s. Luxury suits for men include a larger selection of more expensive fabrics such as some from the leading Italian companies. Executive suits offer specialty fabrics.

Suit feature choices are extensive. Choose from classic, skinny or notched lapel and 1, 2 or 3 button style. Cuff style may have regular or functional buttons. You may opt for a side or center vent or no vent if you prefer. The jacket may be single or double breasted with classic, slant or ticket style pockets. The slacks may be pleats and cuffs, no pleats or no cuffs.

You can choose the suit fabric, options and features and we will custom tailor a suit to fit your exact preferences. We will take precise measurements to ensure that the suit will fit you exactly as it should. In fact, a custom suit will likely fit you better than any other suit you have purchased in the past.

If any additional tailoring is required our expert tailors will take care of the alterations. We also offer packages that include a selection of suits and shirts at extremely affordable prices. Our packages are the best way to build up your business wardrobe.

Affordable Men’s Suits

We offer luxury custom suits for men in NYC at affordable prices. We are able to provide you high quality suits at prices that are comparable to those of department store suits. We can keep the pricing down due to several factors.

We don’t have a middleman so we can pass along the savings directly to our customers. Our suits are custom tailored to our specifications at our own production facility in Hong Kong. We employ highly skilled craftsman to create luxury suits that are of top quality.

We purchase fabrics in bulk so we can keep the costs down. We further eliminate waste by cutting fabric only for suits when we need them for an order. That way there are no extra suits waiting in our inventory. We have a volume-based business model that allows us to provide our customers with the best prices possible. We make sure that our suits are priced to compete with typical off-the-rack suits so they are available to a broad range of customers. We take pride in offering the best quality suits at reasonable prices that you can afford.


Suits For Men Nyc
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