Shirt Pricing

Standard $75
Premium $88
Luxury $98

Package Deals


6 Shirts

5th Ave

12 Shirts
Egyptian Cotton Pinpoint Oxford Sea Island Cotton Cotton Twill French Oxford

Why Such Low Prices?

  1. Made In Hong Kong

    Hong Kong’s tailors are world renowned for making the finest custom suits, shirts, slacks, and blazers. Known for its rich tradition in tailoring, Hong Kong is equipped with the most skilled craftsman in the industry, providing superior quality and workmanship at reasonable prices.

  2. Just In Time Inventory

    We only cut the fabric and start the tailoring process once the order has been placed, thus eliminating the high costs associated with unused inventory. This strategy has played in integral part in our success for over 45 years. As a result, we can afford to offer a vast selection of high-end fabrics and at affordable prices.

  3. Wholesale

    We purchase bulk lots of fabrics at wholesale prices. We get significant discounts from our suppliers since we have a large volume of business. By purchasing at wholesale, we are able to pass on the savings to you!

  4. No Middle Man

    We have our own production facility in Hong Kong thus eliminating the middle-men. Most retailers have several layers of buyers embedded in the supply chain before the product reaches the end consumer, each layer adding to the cost of the product. When purchasing from Suit Club, you are purchasing directly from our facility in Hong Kong.

  5. Volume Based Business Model

    At Suit Club, we offer competitive prices and package deals that drive our business. Instead of charging market value prices for luxury bespoke clothing, which are significantly higher, we keep our price points comparable to off the rack prices which make our products more accessible to a broader market. This strategy has enabled us to be very competitive in the market thus driving up our sales volume.