Tailored Shirts NYC

tailored shirts nycCustom dress shirts are a sign of wealth and good taste. When you own a tailored shirt it looks good and fits perfectly. You can own tailored shirts NYC without breaking the bank. We offer a wide selection of high quality custom shirts at reasonable prices. There are some important considerations when choosing custom dress shirts.

Features of Tailored Shirts in NYC

Custom tailored shirts in NYC have a variety of features that are available. First, you can choose the fabric that you prefer. Some fabrics are more casual than others. Some of the popular shirt options include Egyptian cotton, Sea Island cotton, pinpoint oxford, cotton twill and French oxford. There are various other options that you can choose to get the shirts that you prefer.

Choose the fit that you prefer. There are three main types of fits that you can choose from including classic, slim and ultra slim. Classic is a straight cut while slim and ultra slim styles are more form-fitting throughout. The tapered sleeves are custom fitted to your muscle and wrist measurements.

Pick between the various types of collar styles that you prefer. We offer many options including cutaway, medium point, narrow point, short collar, spread collar, tuxedo and button down. Special treatment on the collar buckram gives an elegant finish to the garment. Patterns are matched at the seams for a professional look.

The cuff is designed with some extra room so that it can fit over your watch. The shirt length can be adjusted to accommodate your needs whether you prefer to tuck in the shirt or wear it out for a casual look. Buttons are of high quality and properly secured. You may opt for a monogram. If so, there are different lettering choices available.

Benefits of Custom Tailored Shirts in NYC

Custom tailored shirts in NYC are the best and most comfortable shirts you can wear. You’ll want to get them for all of your dress shirt needs as well as for casual wear. Custom shirts fit much better than off-the-rack shirts. They offer a unique fit that immediately provides a crisp and more upscale look.

Shirts are made to your specifications and to your measurements so they fit you perfectly. They won’t pull and they won’t have excess material that can make a shirt appear disheveled. Instead, custom shirts always appear good.

While some custom shirts can be expensive, our shirts are exceptionally affordable. Even average men can afford a closet full of custom shirts. Our shirts start at just $65 and we offer a variety of packages that are even more affordable.

Our popular Madison package includes 4 shirts and starts at just $240. The Park package includes 8 shirts for just $460 and our best package, the 5th Avenue, includes 12 shirts starting at just $660.

When you are ready to look your best, consider our tailored shirts nyc. Visit our website to learn more and to book an appointment to visit our showroom and get a fitting.

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