Tailored Suits NYC

tailored suits nycSuits are synonymous with an outstanding male dress. However, not all suits are appropriate for all occasions. Even as the world progresses, there is still a particular dress code for gentlemen. It is essential to know what are the valid options for each occasion so that your outfit distinguishes you and signals your excellent style and taste thanks to tailored suits nyc.


The primary colors of the formal dress are black, gray and navy. In the case of business, the ideal color is dark gray. It can be worn during the day combined with a light blue shirt for an executive look. At night, the shirt can be replaced by a white one without a tie.

A navy suit is also a good option. These suits are ideal for use in the office because thanks to its color they highlight the character and personality of a businessman. Regarding the fabrics, the wool, or a mixture of this material with silk, can work in any season. Moreover, to have a more classic style, opt for a cropped lapel.

Day or Night

For daytime occasions, you can opt for lighter colors in your attire. If you have an event or a celebration in the day, a light gray modern cut, or even a combination jersey is ideal.

For the night, it is preferable to opt for darker colors, to highlight the elegance and give more formality to the outfit. Events such as weddings or funerals require black. In case the event entirely formal, there is no doubt that the tuxedo is the winner.

Semi-Formal Styles

You may have to go places that do not require the formality of the suit but still look elegant. In those cases, only use the jacket and do not wear a tie. Another very versatile option is the jerseys, which will allow you to look elegant and modern.

Always Tailored

The suit should enhance your silhouette to the maximum, never the opposite. That’s why regardless of the occasion, it is best to use a suit made to measure. Dressing with the exact size is very important since a failure in size can destroy your image. If you need the advice to acquire tailored suits in NYC, Suit Club NY can assist you.

One of the significant problems of buying a commercial suit is that they are made with a standardized silhouette, which does not fit all body types, despite matching the sizes. Among the advantages that you have with a custom-made suit is the choice of the fabric. A different fabric will give a distinctive twist to your attire.

Also, the perfect fit of shoulders will allow the suit to maintain its shape and fit even when you lose 10 pounds. This advantage enables your attire to remain in effect over time. Finally, in consultation with your tailor, you can select specific details such as buttons, which will increase exclusivity.

Choose the Best to Get Your Outfit

Suit Club offers the best tailored suits NYC. With 46 years in the industry, we focus on generating excellent relationships with our customers, to provide them with a unique shopping experience, and that you will obtain products that fit 100% to your needs and tastes. Book an appointment today; we will be happy to assist you.

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